Covid-Secure UK

The Covid-Secure UK plan is the exit strategy that will protect both the health and wealth of the UK.

The Covid-Secure UK Plan is the only viable proposal to protect both the health and wealth of the UK. Supported by scientists, health professionals and politicians from across the political spectrum, the Covid-Secure UK plan is the exit strategy to avoid continuous lockdowns and school and workplace closures ahead of a vaccine or other protective remedy becoming available.

Three-Step Plan


Bring the reproduction rate below 1, reduce community transmission.


Minimise transmission within the UK at large by fighting infection at the borders.


Plan now for a nationwide vaccine rollout so that we can act quickly once it is available.

Control Coronavirus

To reduce the R number to below 1 for a sustained period, moving to a very low level of community transmission. Measures that can be taken immediately to bring the virus under control include:

1. Urgently develop a locally led & coordinated, but nationally supported Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support (FTTIS) program in England. This should be complemented by a mobile app to assist in contact tracing. Current failings must be rectified.

2. Devolve public health outbreak control efforts such that the response to local flare-ups is led locally, rather than centrally. Provide local authorities with the data, powers, and resources to mobilise and scale-up operations as needed.

3. Begin screening for coronavirus beyond those already being tested in health & social care. Include groups in public-facing roles in transport & similar settings. This could be done using rapid antigen tests & pooled sample testing.

4. Where international travel is occurring, introduce enforceable post-travel requirements such as testing on arrival with a follow-up test within 7 days, combined with quarantine at regulated locations for those who test positive.

5. Communicate measures using clear, unambiguous & simple messaging that isn’t open to misinterpretation, such as: ‘2 metres apart’, not ‘1 metres plus’. Where instructions need to be given, these should be specific.

6. Ask national broadcasters to report on the local level of infection present as part of each news & weather bulletin, as with the pollen & UV rays. This should occur across all news platforms including broadcast, radio & online.

7. Reinstate the daily coronavirus briefings to update the public on progress made while following the Covid-Secure UK Plan.

8. Continue to actively encourage working from home. Where employees cannot work remotely, introduce mandatory face coverings for all employees working indoors & in close proximity with others.

9. Financially support those who need to self-isolate to ensure a high level of compliance with full salary compensation. Introduce a support package for businesses and the self-employed.

Supress Coronavirus

Minimise transmission within the UK.

Coronavirus is suppressed when community transmission of coronavirus in the UK is minimised. This doesn’t mean that there would be no cases, but that most new cases would be brought into the UK via people coming through UK borders. Because of this, many of the measures necessary to bring the virus under control can be lifted – thus protecting the livelihoods of everyone in the UK and avoiding subsequent lockdowns and further economic harm.

Suppression is achieved when the number of new cases in England is no more than 10 new cases per million population per day, over a seven-day rolling average. Measures that would be in place when coronavirus is suppressed in the UK include:

1. Ongoing enforceable testing & screening at all UK entry points, as well as post-travel requirements such as quarantine at regulated locations.

2. Introduce screening for groups at particular risk, including those in public facing roles in public transport & similar settings. Face coverings & hand sanitiser should be made available free of charge.

3. Where a case is detected, the fully functional Find, Test, Trace, Isolate & Support (FTTIS) programme & locally led response springs into action, rapidly tracing contacts & breaking transmission chains.

4. Financially support those who need to self-isolate to ensure a high level of compliance.

5. Under this plan, the public health response will continue to be run by devolved governments while the UK government enforces the rules at the UK border. This will mean the UK Government works with devolved administrations towards this shared objective.

Eliminate Coronavirus

Implement a vaccination programme and achieve a high level of uptake.

If and when a vaccine is approved for use, then the UK Government should embark on mass vaccination programme to protect the UK from coronavirus and establish systems to ensure continued surveillance to detect imported cases.

It is vital that any government exit strategy does not depend solely on the development of an effective vaccine in the short term. When faced with such an uncertain future, the best strategy is to make the entire UK Covid-Secure.

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