Petition: For a Covid-Secure UK

We must break the cycle of boom and bust lockdowns. The UK Government’s approach to the pandemic has already led us to having among the highest number of deaths and worst economic outlook. We need a #CovidSecureUK

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Rather than living with more waves of infection and lockdowns, government should adopt the Covid-Secure UK plan to control, suppress and eliminate the virus in the UK.

By suppressing the virus, we can get the number of cases down and then move our frontline in the fight against the virus to the UK’s entry points. Only then will we be able to open up the economy and break the cycle of lockdowns.

Sign the petition for a Covid-Secure UK.

Read more about the plan on our Covid-Secure UK explained webpage.

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The UK Government must commit to a 'Covid-Secure UK' approach to this crisis.

Our health, our jobs and our economy can not be protected until we control, suppress and eliminate the virus

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