Control Coronavirus

To reduce the R number to below 1 for a sustained period, moving to a very low level of community transmission. Measures that can be taken immediately to bring the virus under control include:

1. Urgently develop a locally led & coordinated, but nationally supported Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support (FTTIS) program in England. This should be complemented by a mobile app to assist in contact tracing. Current failings must be rectified.

2. Devolve public health outbreak control efforts such that the response to local flare-ups is led locally, rather than centrally. Provide local authorities with the data, powers, and resources to mobilise and scale-up operations as needed.

3. Begin screening for coronavirus beyond those already being tested in health & social care. Include groups in public-facing roles in transport & similar settings. This could be done using rapid antigen tests & pooled sample testing.

4. Where international travel is occurring, introduce enforceable post-travel requirements such as testing on arrival with a follow-up test within 7 days, combined with quarantine at regulated locations for those who test positive.

5. Communicate measures using clear, unambiguous & simple messaging that isn’t open to misinterpretation, such as: ‘2 metres apart’, not ‘1 metres plus’. Where instructions need to be given, these should be specific.

6. Ask national broadcasters to report on the local level of infection present as part of each news & weather bulletin, as with the pollen & UV rays. This should occur across all news platforms including broadcast, radio & online.

7. Reinstate the daily coronavirus briefings to update the public on progress made while following the Covid-Secure UK Plan.

8. Continue to actively encourage working from home. Where employees cannot work remotely, introduce mandatory face coverings for all employees working indoors & in close proximity with others.

9. Financially support those who need to self-isolate to ensure a high level of compliance with full salary compensation. Introduce a support package for businesses and the self-employed.

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